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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

about last night

One of the good things about being home is the plethora of live gigs on offer every night of the week. Not to mention having friends in the music business who can keep me posted and get me in. Last night, I was taken to see the Raconteurs play at one of my favourite Dublin venues, the Olympia theatre. They rocked through tiers of ornate theatre boxes and balconies all the way to the gods (I've spent the past sixteen hours trying to post a photo of Jack White and the lads, but blogger's having none of it today for some reason). Included in the high-energy set were two covers: one, an eerie Jack Black version of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)", the second a cover of Irish singer Jape's "Floating". On the way home at around 12.30, which is waaaaaay late in Dublin of a Monday night, we passed a little old lady out polishing her door knob. She was all made up too, polishing away with her rosey blushed cheeks. Mad.


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