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Monday, January 30, 2006

conversation in the bar last night

Carlos (munching on coca leaves): They are really good for your health. It's nothing to do with drugs. We've been chewing coca leaves for years you know.
(Note: I've never seen Carlos chew coca leaves before in my life, and I've known him for three years. I suspect it's part of the Morales-isation of my middle class Argentinian friends)
Carlos (still munching and waxing lyrical on coca leaves): Ah, yes, coca leaves. You know the tea from coca leaves is delicious too. Muy rico.
Reb (in mild agreement): Si, si, muy rico.
Me (from behind a plant): Coca tea? It's awful stuff! What are you talking about?
(Note: I'm all for the cocaleros, and I'd buy and wear the Evo jumper with pride, if it didn't cost 70 dollars to pick up a replica, but I draw the line at pretending to like that rancid coca tea stuff)
Reb (sheepishly): It's good for altitude sickness, though.
Carlos: That plant is bothering me.
Reb: Why don't you eat it then?


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